A little wedding update

So its been so long since I last blogged but so much has been going on that I haven’t found the right time to just sit and write but I can now officially declare that we finally have a date for the wedding. After nearly 7 and a half years together and a very very long engagement myself and anth finally decided that now was the right time to finally commit to the idea of marriage. We always knew that it would come around eventually and had decided we weren’t in any rush to plan and it would happen when it happened. Fast forward to 5 years engaged and seeing a post online about a wedding fayre we decided to go along just for something to do and we fell in love. The venue is perfect for what we want and we quickly decided that it was just meant to be. We now have 538 days until we become the McGuinness’s and I’m so excited. I’m gonna do a post soon about all things wedding and what we’ve planned and sorted so watch out for that.


introducing me…

Everyone love an about me post so here goes…



to start here’s the basics, Danielle, 25, North East Girl, Engaged. 

Currently I am working as a team leader at a fabulous pub with a great team but its not always where I wanted to be. Ask any of my friends and family and from being a young age I’d have told you that the dream was to be a teacher. It is only after completing my a levels, an undergraduate degree in Creative and Performing Arts and  PGCE that I realised that teaching just wasn’t what I loved. I intend to do a more in depth post about this so ill save the rest of that story for another time. 

I’ve been with my incredible fiancé Anthony since January 2012 and he really is my rock. I’m sure you’ll hear a lot more about him as we are currently planning our wedding so there will be some posts to follow about that too. 

As a bit of fun I thought I’d end my first post with a game of this or that. I don’t know about you  but I always love learning the most random things about people so here goes with mine…

Small group of close friends or a big group of not such close friends? – small group of close friends
Cat or dog? – dogs
Ice cream or frozen yogurt? – Ice cream
Regular soda or diet? – regular
Sugar or sweetener? – Sugar
Beach vacation or European vacation? – This is a tough one but I think Beach vacation just tips it
Hard liquor or beer? – Beer
Bars or clubs? – Bars
Facebook or Instagram? – Another tough one but I think Instagram wins!
iPhone or Android? – Android
Running outside or on the treadmill? – I really don’t do running but if I was to chose it would be running outside 
Hamburger or hotdog? – Hamburger
Book or Kindle? – most definitely a book!
Seeing movies in the theater or at home? – I much prefer watching movies at home cuddled up on the sofa with a warm blanket
Pancakes or French toast? – pancakes!
Hot coffee or iced? Hot coffee
Meat or cheese? very tough but I think Cheese wins
Book version or movie version? I like both but much prefer reading the book before a film
Spring or fall? fall
Saver or spender? I should be a saver but unfortunately I’m a spender
Video games or phone games? phone games
Home cooked meal or takeout? home cooked meal any day!
Too cold or too hot? too cold
Bath or shower? Shower
Coffee or tea? Tea at home, coffee when at work or out and about
Caffeine or decaf? Caffeine
Cocktail or shots? cocktails
Neat or on the rocks? on the rocks
Big parties or small gatherings? small gatherings
Skiing or snowboarding? ive only ever done one so it will have to be skiing although I was terrible 
Mac or PC? I have a pc but a mac still wins!
Nice car or nice house? Nice house 
City or suburbs? I’m definitely a city girl!
TV shows or movies? I love both but tv shows at the moment 
Read minds or be able to teleport? read minds
Batman or Spiderman? Spiderman
Dishes or laundry? Laundry 
Hot weather or cold weather? I love both so cant possibly choose!


well I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know me a little bit more.

Thanks for reading,

D x